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Postmark Sibyl Oracle - In a TIN!!!

Image of Postmark Sibyl Oracle - In a TIN!!!


This is a PREORDER for the Postmark Sibyl Oracle -- in a TIN!!

I offer cards for sale, take orders, and then submit the final total to my printer. I do not have cards in-stock at this time. If you want a copy of this deck, you must preorder.

Based on the Old Whitman's Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck system (that I love) and the Lenormand system (that I rock at), I've curated the missing cards and re-titled all the cards so that you can remove the extras and read as either a Gypsy Fortune Deck OR a Lenormand. That's right. ONE DECK TO RULE THEM ALL.

This deck includes 54 cards, with alternates for the Man and Woman card from each deck (and the super useful Happy Squirrel).

The cards include a small booklet with reading tips and are protected by a lovely silver tin. These cards are POKER sized.

I'm expecting shipment to begin the second week of June. If you order these with a Lenormand, your cards will ship when all the decks have arrived from the printer. Questions? Good. I specialize in questions. Feel free to email me -

Sold Out